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Certificate of Deposit Accounts

Maximize your savings with a CD from Dollar Bank.


Lock in 5.10% APY on a 7-Month CD! 

Lock in a great rate when you open a 7-month certificate of deposit account with a new money minimum investment of $25,000.* This competitive rate is a limited-time offer. Act now to start earning more with your money.  

Open your CD today.

Ready to get started? You can open a Dollar Bank Certificate of Deposit at any of our convenient offices. Schedule an appointment online or call 1-800-242-2265.

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Man and woman using online financial calculator to develop a personal savings plan.

Why invest in certificates of deposit (CDs)?

CDs put you in charge of your savings with guaranteed rates for the term you choose - backed by FDIC insurance. This means you'll have a safe place for your money to grow and you can calculate exactly how much you'll earn when your CD reaches its maturity date. CDs typically offer a higher rate of interest than either a traditional savings or a money market account.

Check out details about the types of CDs we offer.

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We have certificates of deposit to help you reach your short-term and long-term savings goals.

Traditional Term CD Choose your term and whether to receive interest regularly or let it accumulate.
Relationship CD A high-rate CD exclusively for Dollar Bank Everything Checking customers.
Bump-Up CD Start now, and if rates rise, bump to a higher rate for the remainder of your term.
Rising Rate CD Access your money every 90 days or let it accumulate to earn a higher interest rate.
3-Month No Penalty CD Get a great interest rate on your short-term investment.
CD Ladder Earn higher immediate returns without the interest rate guesswork.

Which CD is right for me?

What are you saving for? When do you need access to your money? With competitive rates and a variety of terms, we have options to meet your unique financial goals.

Compare our CD options and calculate how much you can earn.

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We're here to help!

Talk with your local Dollar Bank expert for help choosing the certificate of deposit that best fits your goals and circumstance.

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Man and woman using online financial calculator to develop a personal savings plan.

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Looking for other ways to earn interest with your money? 

We have a variety of IRAs and savings options to meet your needs.

Learn more about FDIC insurance coverage for this product. 

*Annual Percentage Yield (APY) shown is accurate as of 3/8/24 and is subject to change without notice. $25,000 minimum balance. $1,000,000 maximum per customer for CD rate and term. CD must include a minimum new money increase of $25,000 based on the CD owner(s) average daily balances during the past 30 days. A penalty will be imposed for early withdrawal. CD offer is for consumer customers residing in Dollar Bank's PA, OH and MD market areas.