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Be Dollar Wise
Resources and insights you need to know from our banking experts.
Elevate Your Social Media Marketing with These Fresh Strategies

Just as the social media landscape has evolved, so have strategies for getting the best results from your marketing using social platforms. Here are two strategies many companies have added to their social media efforts to strengthen their bonds with potential and established customers.

Financing Your Home Improvement Projects

There are countless ways to make your home feel homier — and potentially improve its market value. If your savings doesn’t cover your anticipated expenses for updating, repairing or building out your home, there are a variety of financing options you can explore. Read on for a look at some home financing alternatives.

Time Management Tips for Small Business Owners

These time management tips are designed to help you reduce your stress, boost your productivity and performance, meet every deadline and enjoy your work like never before.

Proven Strategies for Growing Your Business in 2024

Each year brings new opportunities for strengthening and growing your business. If you are committed to growing your business in the coming year, consider incorporating some of the following proven strategies.

2 Ways to Pay Down Your Debt: Avalanche and Snowball Methods

Many people take stock of their debt at year-end and set goals for paying off, or paying down, any debt they’ve accumulated. Reaching those goals requires an intentional strategy, as well as discipline.

Financial experts often recommend one of the two common strategies for accelerating the repayment of debt: the debt avalanche method and the debt snowball method. Here’s information about each of these approaches to help you determine which may be right for you.

Take a Fresh Look at Recruiting and Talent
Whether breathing a sigh of relief or maintaining a “once bitten, twice shy” stance, business leaders and HR executives continue to focus on optimizing their approach to talent. What the Big Quit taught them was that their retention and recruitment success is incumbent upon understanding and supporting employees’ priorities. Employees had clearly demonstrated that if they didn’t feel supported by their employer, they would not hesitate to seek out greener pastures. It was a wake-up call that won’t soon be forgotten. As you look to continue strengthening your own talent program, you may want to consider these employee priorities.  
How to Create a Holiday Budget That Works for You

As you make big holiday plans, keep in mind that with some smart planning that includes creating a holiday budget, you can enjoy the festivities without breaking the bank. If you find yourself looking for ways to cut corners this holiday season, you’re not alone! Holiday observers nationwide are adjusting their budgets and their expectations. We have some advice for creating a holiday budget that works and sticking to it this year!

Financing Your New Home Construction

Although it may not be as enjoyable as selecting your paint colors, hardwood flooring or kitchen cabinets, the financing of your new home is an important and integral part of a successful new home construction project. Let’s take a look at some of the key factors in securing financing for building your new home.

Fortify Your Business Against Cybersecurity Threats
Cybercrime can hurt your business badly whether it takes the form of a sophisticated data breach that compromises all of your clients’ sensitive information or a simple phishing scam that catches one employee off guard. Strengthening your company’s resistance to cyber threats doesn’t have to be costly or overwhelming, but it does take a commitment to continuing education and strategic action. A well-informed, vigilant team is your best defense against attacks on your assets and reputation.
The Latest Cyber Scams: Protect Yourself and Your Business

Keeping up with new and emerging cybersecurity scams requires constant vigilance. Scams are continually evolving, as bad actors strive to stay a step ahead of their potential victims. Here are three of today’s most common cybersecurity risks, along with tips for protecting yourself and your business.