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Be Dollar Wise

Be Dollar Wise
Resources and insights you need to know from our banking experts.
10 Ways to Protect Your Business from Payment Fraud
Businesses of all types and sizes need to protect themselves against payment fraud and are not covered by the Consumer Protection Act. If your business falls victim to a fraudulent transaction, it will bear the brunt of that loss. It’s up to you to put safeguards into place.
illustration student loan debt
Refinancing Your Student Loans
As the federal pause on student loan payments comes to an end, it's wise to create a plan for repaying any outstanding student debt you may have. Many college graduates and their parents choose to refinance their debt, combining multiple outstanding student loans (private and/or federal) into a single new loan, for any variety of reasons.
Financial Tips for Recent College Grads
When the excitement of college graduation fades and the next chapter of your life begins, it's smart to spend some time figuring out how to best manage your finances. Your life is changing; your spending and saving habits are likely to change, too. The following tips are designed to help you take control of your finances confidently and competently.
Senior couple using laptop computer to research features and benefits of different credit cards.
Which Credit Card Is Right For Me?
Credit cards have become a way of life for many American consumers. The challenge is finding the right credit card for yourself when there are so many to choose from. Your choice may begin in deciding whether a low rate credit card or a rewards credit card is right for you. Finding the right credit card is important, so take your time comparing your options before you apply. 
Building Your Brand Image Through Compelling Content
Savvy business leaders harness the power of brand-building content to connect with their audiences in exciting new ways as they introduce novel ideas, promote products and services, highlight their corporate vision and establish themselves as authoritative voices in their respective fields. Here are a few ideas to help you keep your content fresh and make the most of its (regal) potential.
Man and woman using online financial calculator to develop a personal savings plan.
Empower Yourself by Saving
If you've ever had to wonder where you're going to get the money to cover unexpected medical costs or car repairs, home renovations or this year's vacation, then you already know how important savings can be. The money you save can serve as a safety net as well as a means to buy what you need or want. Saving empowers us by keeping our focus on our financial goals and providing a financial cushion in case we need it.
Celebrating Small Businesses in May and Every Day
May is National Small Business Month! Communities across the nation benefit from the presence and activities of small businesses. Small companies are known for creating local jobs, keeping cash circulating through the economy, serving in civic leadership roles and otherwise promoting the stability and well-being of communities.
Debt Consolidation: What It Is and How to Use It

If you are among the many Americans trying to navigate unwieldy credit card and/or loan balances or payments, debt consolidation may be a helpful option for you. Qalified borrowers who can secure a lower, fixed interest rate can save money on monthly payments as well as the total cost of carrying their debt.

Preparing Your Finances for Military Deployment
Are you preparing for deployment but aren’t sure how to get your finances in order before you go? Taking a few steps now can make money management easier while you’re away and will give you peace of mind.
Small Business Pricing: Tips for Getting It Right
Setting prices for goods or services is more than just a dollars-and-cents proposition for small businesses. These tips may help you evaluate your pricing strategy today and determine whether it’s doing all it can to support your profit margins, sales and brand image.