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Please remember that although Dollar Bank may contact customers questioning suspicious debit or credit card charges, DOLLAR BANK WILL NEVER ASK FOR PERSONAL OR FINANCIAL INFORMATION.

For additional protection, learn how to set up fraud alerts.

Quick Response (QR) Code fraud

The rise in QR code popularity for restaurant menus, bill payments and more has also led to a rise in QR code fraud. QR codes are square bar codes that can be scanned by smartphones to direct the individual to the desired website or payment page. Cybercriminals are tampering with codes to instead send victims to sites that steal their login and financial information.  

Tips to protect yourself against QR code fraud: 

  • When scanning QR codes, double-check the website you are taken to and ensure it is the correct site, looks authentic and there are no spelling errors in the URL.
  • Exercise caution when entering any confidential information on a site you are directed to from a QR code. Try to avoid making payments through these sites and instead manually enter a known and trusted URL.
  • Make sure the QR code has not been tampered with (i.e. a sticker placed on top to direct your scan elsewhere).
  • Do not download an app from a QR code - download it directly through your phone's app store instead.
  • If you receive an email from a company you recently made a purchase from saying the payment failed and you need to use a provided QR code to re-enter your payment information, contact the company directly to verify. Use the company's contact number from a trusted site. Don't call the phone number provided in the email.
  • Only use the built-in QR code scanner through your phone's camera - do not download a QR code scanner app.
  • If you receive a QR code from someone you know, contact them through a known number to confirm it is actually from them. 

Enhanced card security features

Use our free Card Control App to turn your Dollar Bank card on or off, restrict transactions, set real-time alerts and more. If we notice any suspicious activity using your card, we'll send you a fraud alert text message with purchase details so you can easily review and respond.

Report a lost/stolen card or fraudulent charges

Dollar Bank debit Mastercard® 1-800-242-2265

Dollar Bank credit card 1-877-732-2296

Dollar Bank ATM card 1-800-242-2265

Important information about ATM skimming

ATM skimming occurs when criminals install unauthorized devices on ATMs and use the debit card data to remove funds from accounts. 

What can I do to best protect my accounts? 

We encourage our customers to monitor their accounts closely and download our free Card Control app. With Card Control, you can turn your card on or off, restrict transactions and set up real-time alerts to stay notified of card activity. Please note: To ensure you receive alerts, make sure notifications for Card Control on your device are turned on. 

If there is any suspicious activity on your account, turn your card off through Card Control and report it to us immediately by calling our Card Services Department at 1-800-242-2265. 

Download our Card Control app:

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Beneficial security resources

Helpful tips to protect yourself and your accounts.

We're here to help 1-800-242-2265

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