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Virus Information

The actual effect of any particular virus depends on how it was programmed by the person who wrote the virus. Review the links below for detailed information on viruses and tips on how to protect yourself.

Virus information

  • US-CERT has been established to protect our nation’s Internet infrastructure. Coordinating with the Department of Homeland Security’s National Cyber Security Division (NCSD), it will do this through global coordination of defense against and response to cyber incidents and attacks across the United States. US-CERT now offers the National Cyber Alert System, a mechanism allowing citizens, businesses and other institutions to communicate directly with the United States government regarding cybersecurity information. Learn more at
  • Online security - Federal Trade Commission
  • Learn more about protecting yourself at The CERT Coordination Committee provides technical advice and responses to security compromises, identifies trends in intruder activity and works with other security experts to identify solutions and disseminates information.