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Getting Pre-Qualified for a Mortgage

Dollar Bank’s mortgage pre-qualification is fast and easy!

Whether you are purchasing your first home, moving up, right-sizing or interested in a second home or investment property, getting pre-qualified will help you move into your new home faster.

To get pre-qualified, apply online or call 1-800-344-5626 Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM, and within no time you’ll know approximately how much home purchasing power you have.

To help us determine the mortgage amount you can afford even faster, please have the following information readily available:

  1. Total annual income
  2. Current monthly mortgage payment
  3. Total current monthly debt, excluding your mortgage payment listed above (if applicable), insurance and utility payments
  4. An estimate of monthly taxes and insurance for your new home

Knowing your credit score is helpful when estimating your interest rate and monthly payment.

Interested in refinancing? Learn more. 


The best time to get pre-qualified for a mortgage is before you meet with a realtor. Getting pre-qualified is important because then you’ll know approximately how much home you can afford and what your estimated costs will be. Also, most realtors won’t even begin showing you homes until you’ve been pre-qualified.
In the current market with a lack of inventory, some real estate agents prefer a pre-approval over a pre-qualification, as pre-approval includes a verification process through your lender to determine exactly how much you are qualified to borrow. Contact our mortgage experts to learn more about pre-approval and how it differs from pre-qualification. 

Before you go house shopping, try our interactive home affordability calculator. It will help you determine how much house you can afford before and during your house shopping experience. When you plug in your income and debt figures, our calculator will determine the mortgage amount you can afford. See how these numbers change with your changing financial picture. 

You can also get a detailed quote here.

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