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Dollar Bank’s Corporate Credit Card is an easy way to monitor and limit your employees' expenses. You’ll receive a monthly consolidated statement so you can easily track employee spending. Each employee will also receive their own individual statement for expense reporting. The Corporate Credit Card is paid in full each month, either by the company or the individual employee. Cards can be added or cancelled as business needs change. Each cardholder has a set spending limit, which can be adjusted to fit the employee’s job requirements.

  • Flexible credit limits
  • Track and monitor employee expenses
  • Maximize cash flows by paying expenses monthly
  • Ability to receive individual and consolidated statements
  • View card activity through Dollar Bank’s CashANALYZER® Management System
  • Valuable Mastercard® cardholder benefits

To learn more or to apply for your Dollar Bank Corporate Credit Card, contact your banking officer or call us at 412-261-8849.


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