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Credit Card Online Access

It's easy and convenient to manage your Dollar Bank business credit card account(s) online.

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Enrollment is easy - our how-to guide will walk you through the process! 

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Online Access Benefits

  • 24-hour access to account information
  • View account activity and statements online
  • Employee card management, including ability to set predetermined spending limits and define specific spending controls
  • Flexible billing options
  • Expense reporting options
Online Access FAQs
• RELATIONSHIP CORPORATE SUMMARY STATEMENT: Relationship summary followed by statements for each account. Note: There is an option to either have a summary of subordinate accounts printed or detailed statements printed.  

• CONTROL ACCOUNT STATEMENT: The control account statement includes all posted transactions from AU user accounts that are relationship billed. It also includes the remittance form indicating the “AMOUNT DUE”. Note: There is an option to have this viewed as online only and not printed.

• CONSOLIDATED BILLED AU ACCOUNT STATEMENT: This statement shows all redirected transactions for that billing cycle. The remittance form is included with an amount due of corporate billed. This indicates that the AU is not required to make a payment on the individual AU account and that it is the responsibility of the corporation. Note: There is an option to have this viewed as online only and not printed.
For enrollment assistance, call Dollar Bank Treasury Management customer service at 412-261-2587 or 1-855-282-3888, Monday – Friday from 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM.
No. Only one company administrator is permitted per business credit card relationship.
Yes. Use your 16 digit card number and follow the enrollment steps.
Your username needs to be 8-12 characters – at least one letter, one number and one special character. Your password needs to be 8-12 characters – at least one letter, one number and NO special characters.
No. This is a separate online system specifically for credit cards.
Whether enrolling as an administrator or a cardholder for business credit cards, use the business tax ID to enroll.
Online Access uses this information for security purposes and future user authentication.
Security question answers need to have at least six characters in order to be valid.
The first time you log in after enrolling, Online Access asks you to pick a security image for your own future user authentication.

You most likely typed in your username incorrectly. If you do not use the correct username, you will not see your security image on the password page. Click Cancel and go back to the login page.

If you see your security image but forgot your password, click the Forgot Password link. You will need your business tax ID and security question answers to reset your password.
Online Access offers 24-hour access to account information, viewing account activity and statements online, employee card management, setting predetermined spending limits and more.
Business Online Banking FAQs

To sign in to credit card Online Access through Business Online Banking, go to: Additional Services > Business Credit Cards.

Note: Your credit card Online Access username is different from your Business Online Banking User ID. For assistance call 1-855-282-3888, Monday – Friday from 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM.

No, Corporate Credit Card information is not available to view in the Business Mobile Banking App. Please enroll for Credit Card Online Access at or visit and click Online Access.

Mastercard® Smart Data is able to send files from the Smart Data application to vendor applications. A few vendors that are compatible include Certify, Concur, Expensify, IBM, Oracle and SAP. You will need a third party service/software to reformat the file to import it into QuickBooks.


General FAQs

Your statements have a control account statement showing all posted transactions for each card account. Transactions are separated by each cardholder’s last four digits of their credit card. The control account number is the primary number. You will see a past due and total due for each account on the corporate account summary statement. There is also an account summary and statement for each cardholder.

Consolidated-billed accounts’ credit limit are now referred to as spend limit. Each consolidated-billed account no longer has a beginning or ending balance. The balances are transferred to the control account. Total spend for the month is stated and offset with the corporate payable credit when transferred at cycle end. This is reflected on the first page of each cardholder statement, and subsequent pages detail the transactions.

The control account number is your new primary number. This number pays for all corporate-billed card accounts. At cycle cut, all spend balances are refreshed to $0, and moved to the control account for payment. Transactions posted to the card accounts are redirected to the control account for billing purposes.
The control account number is the account number listed below the corporate number at the top of the first page of your control account statement i.e., 442#9#######. (The control account statement is the next statement following your corporate account summary statement). You can also see your control account number listed as the first account on your corporate account summary statement.
The relationship rumber is at the top of the first page of your corporate account summary statement. It is listed as the corporate number (442995######).
There is no difference between the spend limit and credit limit. The spend limit is the total amount of spending/credit available, including any amount already spent/borrowed. Both limits control the amount of spending/borrowing any one card can do in a billing cycle. Spend refers to consolidated-billed accounts. Credit refers to individually-billed accounts within a relationship.
Yes. Contact Dollar Bank for assistance with setting up Mastercard Smart Data in order to send files to an accounting system.
Yes. Mastercard Smart Data is an available option for creating and submitting expense reports. Contact Dollar Bank for assistance. 
A diversion account is a centralized spending account for things such as airfare or hotels. It diverts these authorized transactions to the specified diversion account and frees up the spend/credit limits of the authorized cardholders accounts who are linked to the diversion account. Merchant Category Codes (MCC) are assigned to the diversion accounts. Transactions are automatically diverted to the appropriate diversion account and a memo transaction is posted to the cardholder account originating the transaction.
This information is available from Visa. The Visa Merchant Data Standards Manual is a public document and can be found at:

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