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Online Banking

How does Dollar Bank ensure the privacy and security of my information in Online Banking?

Dollar Bank takes the responsibility of protecting your privacy seriously no matter how you bank with us: in person, by telephone or online. We are comfortable offering Online Banking because the combination of security features we utilize make it secure. Some of the protections we've put in place include:

  1. Online Banking is available only using browsers supporting Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol to protect the message when traveling over the Internet. Online Banking at Dollar Bank requires a browser with a minimum of 256 bit SSL encryption for greater security.
  2. To access Online Banking, an Online Banking ID and password are required. You choose your own unique Online Banking ID and password, which only you will know. You can change your Online Banking password as frequently as you like. 
  3. For your safety, we have built in timers that will automatically terminate your Online Banking session if you are logged in but not using Online Banking for a certain amount of time. This built in timer helps to protect you from unauthorized activity in case you inadvertently leave your computer without logging out of Online Banking.
  4. Dollar Bank uses the latest hardware and software technologies including firewalls and filters to ensure the security of all data.
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