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Business Track, Compliance and Disclosures

Business Track®

Your Business Track Account allows you to effectively manage all of your merchant processing activity online.

PCI Compliance

Make sure your business is Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliant. Complete this form within 30 days of enrollment and then just once annually to stay up-to-date on cardholder data controls, helping to reduce fraud.


Tips to reduce payment processing risks

Protecting company and customer data is imperative for any business owner. To help protect your business, consider taking the following precautions.

  • Monitor activity and review your settlement reports.
  • Password protect your point-of-sale device.
  • Protect your customers’ data and properly store cardholder information.
  • Clearly communicate your return, refund and/or cancellation policies to the cardholder at the time of the transaction.

Card present

  • Examine cards carefully. Make sure they bear a hologram and have not been altered in any way.  
  • Check signature to confirm cardholder identity. If there is no signature on the card, ask the customer to sign it and provide you with proper identification to confirm their identity.
  • Always obtain authorization. Do not complete any transaction if the authorization request was declined.

Card not present

  • Collect as much cardholder information as possible: The cardholder’s name as it appears on the card, the best contact phone number, full credit card number, expiration date, CVV2, CVC2 or CID information and the billing address (which may be different than the shipping address).

Point-of-sale terminals

  • Encrypt data on your point-of-sale terminals
  • Restrict the number of authorized users and internet access to only those destinations required for point-of-sale functions

Additional resources

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