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Auto, Boat & RV Rates

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New and Used Fixed Rate Auto Loans

ProductTerm Loan AmountAPR as Low as*Monthly Payment
Auto Loan (2024) 72 months$30,0006.89%$509.89
Auto Loan (2023)72 months$25,0006.89%$424.91
Auto Loan (2022)60 months$20,0006.84%$394.52
Auto Loan (2021)60 months$18,0006.89%$355.49
Auto Loan (2020)60 months$15,0006.89%$296.24
Auto Loan (2019-2016)60 months$10,0008.04%$202.96

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New and Used Fixed Rate Boat and RV Loans


ProductTerm Loan AmountAPR as Low as*Monthly Payment
New Boat Loan120 months$25,0007.74%$299.90
Used Boat Loan60 months$10,0008.24%$203.91
New RV Loan180 months$50,0007.49%$463.22
Used RV Loan120 months$25,0008.24%$306.50

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*The Annual Percentage Rates (APRs) shown are available to well qualified borrowers and include a .25% discount with any one of several qualifying checking accounts. The APRs are not available for the refinance of an existing Dollar Bank loan. Qualifying checking accounts are subject to certain terms and conditions that may change after account opening. Your actual APR will be determined by the amount of your loan, loan-to-value and lien position if applicable, repayment term, model year, and a review of your credit. APRs are accurate when accessed and are subject to change without notice. For residents of Dollar Bank's markets only. Approval is subject to Dollar Bank underwriting guidelines.