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Other Account Fees

Other Account Fees

Please refer to Account Information Schedule for specific account and fee information.

All fees per item, unless otherwise noted:

Account Collection, Incoming$15.00
Account History$5.00
Account Purpose Change$5.00
Account Research, Per Hour$25.00, plus $.25 per item
Bond Coupon Redemption, Per Envelope$5.00
Card Mailing - Expedited Delivery$25.00
Card Mailing - Express Delivery$35.00
Cashier’s Check$5.00
Check Copy$3.00
Check PrintingVaries By Style

Continuous Overdraft Fee

If your account remains negative for a period of 7 consecutive calendar days, you will be assessed a fee of $25.00 on the 7th consecutive day. This fee is in addition to any Overdraft Fees assessed.


Deposit Correction$5.00
Deposited/Cashed Check Representment$20.00
Deposited/Cash Check Return$5.00
Document/Card Replacement$6.00
Document Safekeeping, Per Month$10.00
Dormant Account Safekeeping, Per Year$24.00

Early Close Penalty

Assessed when an account is closed within 180 days of opening.

Foreign Check Collection: 
Canadian items$15.00
All other items$65.00
Any additional costs imposed on Dollar Bank will be added. 
Inactive Account, Per Month$10.00
Interest Profile$3.00

International Transaction (ATM/POS)

The fee is a percentage of the transaction amount and will be included in the transaction total.

Legal Process (Tax Levy, Garnishment, Writ or Attachment)$50.00
plus attorney/court fees
Money Order$5.00
Negative Balance Closing Fee$25.00

Overdraft Fee

Assessed when the available balance in your account is insufficient to cover an item (check, fee, returned check, ATM/POS authorization, Online Banking, other electronic debit, etc.) of $5.00 or greater that is presented for payment. An Overdraft Fee is assessed when such items are paid. Overdraft Fee limited to four (4) charges per day.

Returned Mail$10.00
Signature Guarantee$5.00
Statement Copy$5.00
Stop Payment$39.00
Post-Dated Check Order$39.00
Trustee Transfer Fee, Per Account$25.00
Verification of Deposit Account$10.00
Wire Transfer, Domestic: 
Recurring Outgoing$18.00
Non-Recurring Outgoing$18.00
Wire Transfer, Foreign: 
Recurring Outgoing$20.00
Non-Recurring Outgoing$40.00


Optional Electronic Banking Services Fees (Telephone Banking and Online Banking)

Online Banking from Dollar Bank gives you 24-hour access to your accounts and it’s FREE! Pay bills, transfer money between accounts, or view your account history from your computer.

Telephone Banking Options

All Dollar Bank checking and savings accounts include free unlimited access to Push Button Telephone Banking, as well as access to our Customer Service Representatives for inquiries that cannot be answered by Push Button Telephone Banking.

For payments, transfers, balance inquires and account history, the following applies:

Customer Service Representative (CSR)1 free per month, then $1.00 each
Push Button BankingFREE

Please keep this information with the documents you received at account opening. If you have questions or would like to make changes to your account, please call 1-800-242-1616 or visit your local Dollar Bank branch.

Automatic Transfer and/or Overdraft Protection:
If you have signed up for the Automatic Transfer Overdraft Protection service in conjunction with a checking account, a charge of $10 will be assessed on any transfers from a line of credit account initiated to cover checks, pre-authorized charges, debit card transactions, or Point-of-Sale transactions that would, if honored by the Bank, overdraw the checking account.