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Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

It is the policy of Dollar Bank to provide equal employment opportunity in conformance with applicable laws and regulations.

Dollar Bank provides equal employment opportunity to individuals who are qualified to perform essential job requirements regardless of their race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, national origin, age, veteran status or military service, physical or mental disability, genetic information, or any other legally protected status.

Dollar Bank administers its personnel actions, policies, programs, and practices in a non-discriminatory manner. This applies to every aspect of the employment relationship, including actions such as recruiting, hiring, training, compensation, work assignment, promotion, transfer, and termination. Employment decisions are based only on valid job requirements.

Managers and supervisors are responsible for implementing and administering this policy, for maintaining a work environment free from unlawful discrimination, and for promptly identifying and resolving any problem area regarding equal employment opportunity.

In addition to providing equal employment opportunity, it is Dollar Bank’s policy to undertake special efforts to: 

  • Develop and support educational programs and recruiting sources and practices that facilitate employment and advancement of qualified minorities, women, veterans and individuals with disabilities.
  • Assure a work environment free from sexual, racial, or other harassment and retaliation.
  • Make reasonable accommodations that allow disabled individuals to apply and be considered for employment and allow employees to perform the essential functions of their jobs.

Employees and job applicants shall not be subjected to harassment, intimidation, threats, coercion, or discrimination because they have engaged in or may engage in any of the following activities:

  • Filing a complaint;
  • Assisting in or participating in an investigation, compliance evaluation, hearing, or any other activity related to the administration of any Federal, State, or local law requiring equal employment opportunity;
  • Opposing any act or practice made unlawful by any Federal, State or local law requiring equal employment opportunity; or
  • Exercising any other right protected by any Federal, State or local law requiring equal employment opportunity.

Individuals who believe they have been subjected to prohibited discrimination, harassment or other mistreatment should report the incident to their supervisors, higher management, or the Human Resources Department. Complaints will be investigated and handled as confidentially as possible, without fear of reprisal.