Zero Balance Account

Reduce stress with Dollar Bank's Zero Balance Account (ZBA). Automatically centralize available funds from multiple accounts into one place for investments, loan payments and other needs. Eliminate idle balances and the need to make manual transfers while maximizing investment opportunities. Streamlining available funds will help you easily manage all your accounts so you can focus on your business strategy instead. 

Funds are consolidated in a ZBA Master Account. Automatic transfers are made to and from subsidiary checking accounts as checks clear and deposits are made. Subsidiary accounts may include the general operating, payroll and petty cash accounts. A detailed report of ZBA transfers is provided on the checking account statement in Business Online Banking.


Automatic Borrow Sweep

Automatic Borrow Sweep helps you easily manage your debt and prevent overdraft situations. Any excess balances above your established target are systemically applied to your Dollar Bank Line of Credit each business night to pay down the line. Automatic funding is also provided from the line of credit to your checking account to prevent overdrafts. This automation allows you to use your extra funds to your benefit, reduce stress and focus your attention on other business needs.

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