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Dollar Bank Website Security

To better protect our customers, we've transitioned our site to the top-level domain for the banking community, .BANK. We also consistently monitor security issues by reviewing updates posted by the CERT® Coordination Center.

Transition to

You may have heard about the Internet top-level domain for the banking community, .BANK. It has become the verified, more secure and easily-identifiable location on the Internet for financial institutions who convert to .BANK - like Dollar Bank.

There is an added layer of trust to the .BANK domain since financial institutions need to be thoroughly investigated and must meet enhanced security requirements before being awarded a .BANK domain extension. Because of the additional security measures taken in the verification process, cybercriminals can be identified and denied the right to obtain a .BANK domain name. Therefore, the .BANK environment provides an enhanced level of security against imposter sites and peace of mind to our customers and business partners.

.BANK benefits our customers in the following ways:

  • You can have peace of mind knowing that when you reach, you are on a trusted and verified website and have not been redirected to a malicious site. No one else can obtain this URL.
  • When using our Online Banking or CashANALYZER® Management System, you can feel secure that your information is protected with a stronger encryption than standard domain extensions such as .com.

CERT Coordination Center Monitoring

Dollar Bank consistently monitors security issues by reviewing updates issued by the CERT® Coordination Center and other organizations. We take a proactive approach when it comes to keeping your financial information safe by updating our systems with the latest security software and hardware technologies including firewalls and filters. We will also keep you informed of any issues by updating our website with relevant articles.

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Need Help?

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