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Overdraft Defense


As a community bank, it's critical that we are adaptive to your needs. We've heard our customers and are simplifying our overdraft policies to help make managing your finances easier. How? By introducing our newest program for our personal checking customers - Overdraft Defense. Because you could use one less thing to worry about when the unexpected occurs.

What is Overdraft Defense?

Overdraft Defense is our commitment to shield you from fees, secure and shelter your account from added costs and simplify the ability to find out your account balance. It’s a fresh idea and a protection system in place that: 


When you don’t have enough funds in your account to cover a transaction and we don’t pay the item on your behalf, no fee will be charged. 


Avoid bounced checks and declined transactions. With our optional Overdraft Protection, money from your savings can be automatically transferred to your checking to cover transactions that would otherwise overdraft your checking account. 


No overdraft fees on items under $5 with Safety Cushion.


Always know your balance with our easy-to-use Quick Balance feature or sign up for Daily Balance Alerts.

If you're looking for an account that comes with no overdraft fees, period, our No Overdraft Checking Account could be a good match for you. This Bank On certified account won't let transactions bring your funds below your available balance, so you'll never be charged an overdraft fee.

For more information on Overdraft Defense, please contact your local Dollar Bank office.

Frequently asked questions

Overdraft Defense is available on personal accounts only.
An NSF Fee, also sometimes called, "bouncing a check" by the public, or a "returned item fee" by other banks, is assessed when an item is presented for payment and a bank does not pay the item for the customer. It’s a fee that does not exist at Dollar Bank on personal checking accounts.
At our discretion, we pay items for customers who might not have available funds to cover a transaction. Fees for items that we authorize or pay when customers don’t have available funds will continue. Customers benefit from these items being paid because it helps avoids penalties and fees from the merchant they were trying to pay, could help protect their credit score or save them from embarrassment.
ATS is our Automatic Transfer Service or "Overdraft Protection". If you have elected this feature with a linked savings account, and a payment comes through and your checking account doesn't have enough money to cover the payment, we will move the money from your savings account to your checking and pay the item to avoid an Overdraft Fee.
Pay yourself first. Set up a recurring automatic transfer from your checking account to your linked savings account. Schedule the transfer for shortly after payday so that when you plan out your budget for the month, your savings will already be out of sight and out of mind. Then, the funds are there if you need them in an emergency/overdraft protection situation.

If you don’t have a savings account linked to your checking account, our Everything Savings Account earns a great rate and makes the perfect companion account for our Everything Checking Account customers. Or, find the right savings account for you by comparing all our savings account options.

For a complete explanation of how your available balance is determined, please visit our Deposit Agreement page.