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Historical Collection Access Policy

Dollar Bank will make certain portions of its Historical Collection available for historical research purposes under the terms and conditions set forth below:

1. Who May Have Access Dollar Bank Employees Persons who are not Dollar Bank employees must be qualified researchers. A qualified researcher is someone who is actively and currently affiliated with a school or organization such as a genealogical or historical society. Qualified researchers who desire access to Dollar Bank's Historical Collection must complete the Access Request Form and submit it to Dollar Bank for prior written approval. Access is by appointment only on days and times agreed upon by the researcher and Dollar Bank.

2. Materials in the Historical Collection Available for Access to Non-Employee Researchers

  • Signature Ledgers, 1855 - 1900
  • Deposit Ledgers, 1855 - 1900
  • Consolidated Ledgers, 1855 - 1900
  • Trustee Minutes, 1855 - 1900
  • Cash Books, 1855 - 1943
  • Semi-Annual Reports, 1855 - present
  • 1855 Charter
  • Charter, By-Laws, and Rules of Order booklets, 1856 - 1926
  • Pittsburgh and Vicinity Plat Books, 1915 - 1940
  • Book: "A Century of Saving Dollars: 1855 - 1955" by William T. Schoyer (Davis & Warde, Inc., Pittsburgh, 1955)
  • Dollar (Savings) Bank 100th Anniversary items from 1955
  • Receipt Book, 1870-71
  • Fourth Avenue Building historic images
  • Dollar Bank Trustees photo portraits, 1855 - 1920s

If original items are deemed too fragile for handling, substitute copies will be provided to researchers.

3. Publication of Information Collected by Researchers from the Dollar Bank Historical Collection

  1. Publication of any information gathered from Dollar Bank’s Historical Collection must be first submitted to Dollar Bank’s Archivist for review and prior written approval. Approval or denial of publication shall be at Dollar Bank’s sole discretion and Dollar Bank may refuse to approve publication for any reason or no reason.
  2. The publication of personal identifying information of any Dollar Bank customer shall not be permitted without the prior written approval of Dollar Bank that specifically references the persons and the information approved.
  3. All publications of information gathered from Dollar Bank’s archival materials must include industry or academically standard citations to Dollar Bank and the Dollar Bank Historical Collection.