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Dollar Bank Foundation

Mission and Vision


The Dollar Bank Contributions Program was established to help strengthen the economic development of our communities and enhance the well-being of the residents in the regions served by Dollar Bank and its subsidiaries.


Dollar Bank is committed to investing in our local neighborhoods through employee volunteering, corporate giving and contributions that enhance the quality of life and supports the economic development of our communities.

Primary areas of focus

To maximize the impact of Dollar Bank’s contributions, support is concentrated in communities served by the bank, specifically Southwestern Pennsylvania, Northeastern Ohio and Southeast Virginia. Dollar Bank’s corporate financial support focuses on the following areas. 

This giving goal is complementary to Dollar Bank's basic mission of fostering economic development of the communities we serve, and the subsequent enhancement of the welfare of residents of those communities. We strive to incorporate within this mission the improvement of quality of life for those who are most in need, particularly low-to-moderate income neighborhoods. Community and Economic Development is the primary focus of the Dollar Bank Contributions Program. Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) specific community reinvestment support will be identified and reported as a portion of the bank’s overall Contributions Program.
Dollar Bank and its employees have a long tradition of providing significant support to organizations striving to improve life for those in need. One of the most effective and resourceful ways of addressing the social service needs of the people in our communities is through support of the United Way and the 2-1-1 assistance program. Contributions are also given to organizations that promote services for low-and moderate-income individuals, such as but not limited to homeless centers, soup kitchens, health care facilities, women’s centers and alcohol and drug recovery centers.
We recognize investing in youth has a positive impact on their future. Supporting youth development and well-being initiatives is paramount to ensure that children have an opportunity to reach their full potential. Dollar Bank supports programs that provide youth with education and skills to improve their lives. Programs include educational curriculums, initiatives that address overall health, food insecurity, access to healthy meals, safe environments serving at-risk youth during non-school hours and financial aptitude are examples of Dollar Bank’s important elements of community giving.
Dollar Bank is committed to supporting programs and organizations that strengthen our communities by promoting civil rights, economic justice and inclusion for all. We champion organizations working to improve inclusion and mobility, providing services and support to individuals in historically marginalized communities.
Dollar Bank supports programs that assist seniors and veterans with basic needs with food insecurity, clothing, adequate housing, healthcare and supportive mental healthcare. In addition, Dollar Bank supports programs to assist veterans with higher education, career training, employment and small business development.
Dollar Bank recognizes that art and cultural organizations enrich quality of life and preserves the heritage of the residents in a community. Support is targeted to efforts that promote access to cultural opportunities to a broader audience, including the economically disadvantaged and young individuals. Examples include the Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival and the Dollar Bank Cleveland International Film Festival. Such outreach efforts help these organizations reinforce their principal support and develop future audiences so critical for their survival.
As part of our commitment to building a culture of giving and volunteering, the Dollar Bank Gift Matching program encourages employees to contribute to causes they care about most by doubling the impact of their charitable donations to eligible nonprofits with gift matching up to $1,500 USD per employee, per organization, per calendar year.

Limitations and restrictions

As a rule, the Dollar Bank Contributions Program will not provide support to organizations outside the geographic boundaries served by Dollar Bank and its subsidiaries. In addition, the Dollar Bank Contributions Program generally will not support the following types of organizations:

  • Organizations without IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, provided, however, that organizations excepted from the IRS tax-exempt application requirement and subordinate organizations subject to a group exemption shall be eligible for Foundation support
  • Individuals
  • Political organizations, candidates or lobbying efforts
  • Labor or fraternal organizations, except for scholarship funding to LMI students
  • Religious organizations, with respect to religiously oriented activities and/or programs
  • Hospital or other health care delivery facilities that are not 501 (c)(3) non-profits
  • Non-academic efforts at the elementary through high school levels
  • Sports teams
  • Capital campaigns/programs

For inquiries, please complete the contact form below.

Applicants should become familiar with the Dollar Bank Contributions Program giving guidelines and realize that such guidelines are subject to change without notice, and that each request is analyzed on a case-by-case basis. Grants are made on an annual basis and recipients must apply yearly. 

Dollar Bank receives more funding requests than it can grant in any particular year. If it is necessary to decline support of a worthwhile organization or program, the decision is not an adverse reflection on the value of the non-profit or its service, but rather an unfortunate necessity based on limited resources. Contributions or grants do not establish entitlement for additional or continuing support or set precedents for future funding.

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