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Dollar Bank Business Banking Credit Application

Authorization to Apply for Business Credit
Before starting the Dollar Bank's Business Banking Credit Application, Dollar Bank needs to ensure that the party providing information for the application (during the application process "You") has the necessary authorization and authority from the applicant business (during the application process "Business Applicant") to apply for business credit. By clicking Agree below and completing the name and phone information, you are representing and certifying to Dollar Bank that You have the authorization of the Business Applicant to submit an application to Dollar Bank for business credit and You agree that You are providing your e-signature to this representation and certification which You acknowledge and agree is the legal equivalent of your written signature.

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Consent to Electronic Delivery

As part of Dollar Bank's Online Business Banking Credit Application, Dollar Bank needs to provide certain disclosures to the Business Applicant electronically and, as applicable, You need to agree on behalf of the Business Applicant that You have read, understood, and agreed to these disclosures in order to complete this application online. To view and print these disclosures online You will need the hardware/software described in the Hardware/Software Requirements hyperlink below and will need a printer capable of printing the disclosures based on these requirements. If You cannot view and print these disclosures or You do not indicate below that you can view and print these disclosures, the application cannot be submitted online. The consent to electronic delivery of these disclosures only applies to the disclosures required to complete the application and it cannot be withdrawn because Dollar Bank is providing the disclosures as part of the application. A free paper copy of the full application including the disclosures is available by contacting Dollar Bank Business Banking at .

By clicking the AGREE box below, You consent on behalf of the Business Applicant to receive the disclosures in the Dollar Bank Business Application electronically and agree that You can view and print the application and the disclosures based on the Hardware/Software Requirements.

Additional Disclosures

By clicking the AGREE button below, You agree on behalf of the Business Applicant that You have received, read, and understand the disclosures in the hyperlinks below. If You do not agree, you cannot continue with the application online.