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Protect Your Family Now and into the Future

You spend time planning for your future, but have you considered whether your family would be able to continue living in your home if something happened to you? Would they be able to afford the mortgage payments? What if you become ill or disabled and could not work? Could you make your mortgage payments?

Mortgage Life Insurance is an optional insurance you can purchase on a Dollar Bank mortgage that will reduce or pay off the unpaid balance on your mortgage in the event of your death, with $500,000 being the maximum amount of coverage available.* Click here for product details.

If you become disabled, Mortgage Disability Insurance is an optional insurance that will cover your monthly mortgage payments up to $1,250 a month for up to 24 months. Click here for product details.

Mortgage Life/Disability Insurance becomes effective upon approval of your insurance application.** The low monthly premiums are based on your age and your monthly mortgage payment. Plus, a medical exam is typically not required. You can also have your premiums added to your mortgage payment.

For more information, contact Dollar Bank at 1-800-828-5527.


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