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Safe Deposit Boxes: Affordable Peace Of Mind

When it comes to important financial documents and valuable belongings (stock and bond certificates, a copy of your will or fine jewelry), you need a secure storage place that will save you from worry.

That's where a safe deposit box can help. Safe deposit boxes are available in a variety of sizes and designed to give you a safe place to store your valuables, along with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that these items are secure.

What exactly are safe deposit boxes? They are metal boxes that are housed in a private area inside the bank. There are two locks on each safe deposit box. When you rent one, you receive one key, and the bank keeps the other key. Both keys are required for the box to be opened.

Examples of Items to Keep in a Safe Deposit Box

  • A copy of your will
  • Stock and bond certificates
  • Insurance policies
  • Titles to your house and cars
  • Marriage license
  • Expensive jewelry
  • Birth certificates
  • Family heirlooms

Many insurance companies recommend that you film each room in your home and store the file in a safe deposit box. If your home is ever lost or damaged in a fire or flood, this tape would be very useful for insurance purposes.

Safe deposit boxes keep your valuables secure while giving you peace of mind. Dollar Bank offers safe deposit boxes at many offices.

Electronic Vault Attendant

Dollar Bank’s Sewickley Office offers the Electronic Vault Attendant, which is a self-service vault that provides enhanced convenience and security to safe deposit box customers. Customers simply use their fingerprint to be able to enter the vault, instead of needing a Dollar Bank representative present.

Dollar Bank Offices with Safe Deposit Boxes


Brentwood Office
Crafton Office
Cranberry Township Office & Loan Center
Fox Chapel Office
Fourth Avenue Office
Greengate Office
Monroeville Office & Loan Center
Murrysville Office & Loan Center
North Hills Office
North Huntingdon Office & Loan Center
Peters Township Office & Loan Center
Pine Township Office & Loan Center
Pleasant Hills Office & Loan Center
Richland Office & Loan Center
Robinson Township Office & Loan Center
Sewickley Office
South Fayette Office & Loan Center
South Side Office
Squirrel Hill Office
Virginia Manor Office & Loan Center
Westmoreland Office & Loan Center


Avon Office & Loan Center
Beachwood Office & Loan Center
Brecksville Office
Brooklyn Office
Galleria Office
Independence Office
Lakewood Office
Mayfield Heights Office
Memphis-Fulton Office
Mentor Office
Midway Mall Office
North Olmsted Office & Loan Center
Painesville Township Office & Loan Center
Parma Office
Parmatown Office
Richmond Heights Office
Southland Office
Stow Office & Loan Center
Strongsville Office & Loan Center
University Heights Office
Westgate Office
Westlake Office

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