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Account Analysis

Account Analysis is a monthly statement summarizing the banking services provided for the entire month. The Account Analysis Statement includes your company’s average collected balance, investable balance, earnings credit rate on collected balances, total cost of services, account activity charges and account balances needed to pay for bank services. The Account Analysis Statement can help you identify ways to improve your cash position and better manage your Treasury Management relationship.

Automatic Borrow Sweep

The Automatic Borrow Sweep service helps clients manage debt and prevent overdraft situations.

With this service, any excess balances above an established target balance are systemically applied to your Dollar Bank Line of Credit each business night to pay down the line. It also provides automatic funding from the Line of Credit to your checking account to prevent overdrafts.

Since the sweep is automatic, nothing is required from you or your staff. The transfers occur automatically, allowing you to remain focused on your business and day-to-day operations.

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